The Critical Urban Planning workshop is a second year graduate course designed to help students fulfill the requirements for a planning degree through the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University.  The course is open to planning students, non-planning students and members of the Jane-Finch community.  The course meets twice weekly, at the York-TD Community Engagement Centre (CEC) at the corner of Jane Street and Finch Avenue.  We meet on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings.  The Course Director is Jennifer Foster.

Members of the Jane-Finch community are encouraged to join any of the course sessions. Community members who wish to attend the class may email the course director in advance (jfoster@yorku.ca), but it is also perfectly fine to just show up and join the group at the CEC.

Critical Urban Planning recognizes local communities as the experts in creating planning solutions, and promotes planning approaches that are communicative, enhance knowledge and support collective action. It is a planning approach that strives for open, participatory and transparent practices.

The theme of this year's Critical Urban Planning course is environmental justice and gentrification.